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In this portal, you will find information about the OMI token, including instructions, walkthroughs, and any token utilities currently in development or already available.

This space is designed to make understanding and using the OMI token as simple as possible.

It will continue to evolve as new information becomes available, and we’ll alert you to updates on our socials, so be sure to follow us if you don’t already.

Getting Started with OMI

What is an OMI Token?

Where Can I Buy OMI?

How Do I Store OMI?

VeVe Digital Collectibles

Using OMI in the VeVe App

Partners, Games, and Discounts

Exploded Menu: OMI 101

OMI Token Utilities

VeVe Master Collector Program

Vemate Premium

Tengoku Senso

Instructions and Walkthroughs

How to Add OMI to MetaMask

Depositing OMI to the Web Wallet

How to Withdraw OMI from VeVe

How To Use a Token Swap

Provide Liquidity in Uniswap

Migrate Your OMI to Ethereum


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