The VeVe app lives on Immutable X’s Layer 2 scaling solution.

To use your OMI tokens in VeVe, you must deposit them to Layer 2 first and then transfer them to your VeVe app wallet.

More info:

Ethereum Layer 1 and Layer 2


Deposit OMI to Immutable X Layer 2

Transfer Layer 2 OMI to your VeVe Wallet

Video Walkthroughs

<aside> 🚧 Reminder: These instructions show you how to access the Immutable X Token Bridge with your PC's MetaMask browser extension wallet.

Please do not use any other wallet type (e.g., Trust wallet or MetaMask mobile) to bridge your assets!


Instructions are also available in the following:

FRA - Français

ESP- Española

JPN - 日本

GER- Deutsch

CHN- 繁體中文

CHN - 简体中文

KOR - 한국어

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